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Nov 7, 2017 | Blog Paper Press Release | Taxes

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Doesn't Comply with the Byrd Rule

While the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) under consideration in the House would satisfy reconciliation instructions requiring it add no more than $1.5...
William Hoagland

Bill Hoagland: A Disappearing Budget Process Unhelpful for Fiscal Responsibility

G. William Hoagland is Senior Vice President at the Bipartisan Policy Center and member of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. He...
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Senate Budget Should Pursue Fiscally Responsible Tax Reform, Not Unpaid-for Tax Cuts

For Immediate Release Reports suggest that the Senate Budget Committee is considering a budget resolution that allows for $1.5 trillion dollars in...
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Aug 3, 2017 | Blog Paper Press Release

A Mini-Bargain to Improve the Budget

A new version of this paper exists that was updated to include savings for disaster relief.   The national debt is currently at its...

$200 Billion in Mandatory Savings Should Not Be Too Difficult

One of the debates preceding the House Budget resolution was whether the resolution should call for $200 billion of mandatory savings. This week's...

Options for Meeting the House Budget's Reconciliation Instructions

The Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 House budget resolution includes reconciliation instructions requiring 11 House committees to report legislation that...
Budget Process

How Committees Could Meet Reconciliation Instructions for Mandatory Savings

(Update 7/20/2017): The House Budget Committe has since released its FY 2018 budget resolution and reconciliation instructions. You can read an...

Long-Term Budget Should Be Used to Strengthen Fiscal Responsibility, Not Avoid It

For Immediate Release A number of policymakers are advocating the use of a 20-year budget window, rather than the more traditional ten-year window,...
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The Byrd Rule and Its Effect on Health Reform: A Short Guide

Recent press reports have suggested that amendments to the American Health Care Act (AHCA)—legislation to replace "Obamacare"—might run afoul of a...
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The Better Budget Process Initiative: Setting the Benchmark: Reforms to Budget Baseline Rules

Budget baselines are among the most important – but widely misunderstood – elements of budgeting and policymaking. The budgetary impact...